Jumia Local Operating Guidelines




These Guidelines and Policies form part of our Marketplace Vendor Agreement with you. By operating a Seller Center Account, you’re agreeing to these Guidelines and Policies.

These Guidelines may be amended from time to time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the amendments. Should you not be satisfied with the amendments, you must refrain from selling your Products on our Marketplace. Continued use of Seller Center will be deemed to constitute acceptance of amended Guidelines.



Jumia offers local Vendors a vast fashion marketplace to sell their Products to Jumia Customers. This marketplace is not curated by Jumia, but rather by you, the Vendor. Please note that it is your responsibility to conduct proper research to ensure that the Products listed in Jumia’s marketplace comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Illegal Products and Products that promote illegal activity, including counterfeit or stolen Products, are not allowed to be sold on Jumia. All forms of illegal activity are strictly prohibited. Listings may not facilitate or promote illegal acts.

The following types of Products are prohibited or restricted on Jumia:

  • Counterfeit Products and particularly those products which infringe the intellectual property of Third parties. This category does not extend to non-counterfeit parallel/grey imports. In order to sell legal Parallel/Grey imports, Product pages on the Platform must have the following disclaimer:

These Products have been imported without the approval or licence of the registered owner of that trademark and no guarantee or warranty in respect of such Products will be honoured or fulfilled by any official or licensed importer of such Products. However, any warranty claims will be covered by Jumia or the relevant Third Party Seller, in accordance with our Returns Policy.

Each Product must be labelled as (Parallel Import) in the Product title on the Product Page.

  • Art- Home Décor, which violates copyright or trademark of a Third Party.
  • Offensive and Controversial content. Any Product that promotes, incites or glorifies hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promotes organizations with such views will be removed.
  • Stolen Products
  • Products that depict child abuse/exploitation
  • Products intended for use by children that contain adult content, profanity and/or sexual references.
  • Products marketed to or targeted at kids or teenagers that are age-inappropriate.
  • Products which contain derogatory language
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Every Product listed in SARS’ Consolidated list of Prohibited and Restricted Exports and Imports found at https://www.sars.gov.za/ClientSegments/Customs-Excise/Pages/Prohibited-and-Restricted-goods.aspx
  • Every Product which would require Jumia to be in possession of a valid municipal Business Licence, where Jumia is not in possession of such licence.

If you supply a product in violation of the law or Jumia’s Policy, we will take corrective actions, as appropriate, including but not limited to immediately suspending or terminating selling privileges, destroying inventory in our fulfillment centers without reimbursement, returning inventory, terminating the business relationship, and permanent withholding of payments. The sale of illegal or unsafe products can also lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties.

  • Sensitive Goods:

Vendors must add Product Creation Requirements to the description of their products. Failure to comply may lead to delisting:


Jumia Categories

Product Creation Requirements

Food Non Alcoholized Beverages; Sodas; Other Beverages Food Other Food

Must indicated storage condition + Origin of the food

Baby Equipment

Baby Care & Safety; Baby Feeding; Baby & Toddler Toys; Sleeping & Nursery Gear & Stroller Others Baby

Must indicated usage condition + minimum age + main materials present in the product

Health Products

Health & Fitness, Protein Powders, Food supplements

Must  indicated Usage condition + storage condition + main ingredients

Beauty Products

Body and Make up; Facial Skincare; Perfumes; Hygiene; Womens accessories; Hair care; Health and Relaxation

Must  indicate Usage condition + Ingredients + Storage

Intimate Products Condoms

Must  indicate storage condition + usage condition + material

Potential Weapons

Kitchen Knife, baseball bat, weapons toys

Must indicate normal usage condition, minimum age


Others Baby Cars & remote control toys; Dolls & Plush; Educative Toys; Arts & Crafts; Puzzles; Scooters & Ride on Toys; Sports Games; Outdoor Toys Kids Tablets & Laptops Bricks, Blocks & Building Action & Toy figures Pretend Play; Other Kids

Must indicate minimum Age, Main material



The Vendor is responsible for creating Products pages on Seller Center as well as uploading images and content that meet Jumia’s guidelines below.

  1. You can upload up to 8 images for each product in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.
  2. Maximum file size is 1MB.
  3. First Image will be the main image of your product.
  4. First Image should be the front view of the product
  5. Background of the product should always be white
  6. Image size should always be 680x850 pixels. If your image is between 1000x1000 and 2000x2000 pixels you can use our image crop tool to re-size, rotate and crop your images. To access this tool just click on the pencil button on the top left corner of each image you upload (illustrated below).


  • Images with part of the product for sale cropped by a frame edge
  • Text, logos, borders, colour blocks, watermarks, or other graphics over the top of a product or in the background
  • Images that show packaging or brand or swing tags, except for stockings or socks
  • Visible mannequins
  • Images that do not match the product title
  • Nudity or sexually suggestive images
  • Images that are blurry, pixelated, or have jagged edges



In order to justify the trust placed in Jade E-Services South Africa Proprietary Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Jumia”) by its customers and to always be able to send high-quality merchandise to Jumia’s customers in undamaged original packaging on time, standardized procedures, in particular in the logistics sphere, are indispensable.

In view of this, Jumia and the Vendor (collectively the “Parties”) have agreed on the following Guidelines relating to orders, delivery and invoicing. The Guidelines apply to all contracts concluded between Jumia’s Customer and the Vendor and form part of the legally enforceable agreement of Sale. Please disregard the clauses which are not relevant to your product.

  • It is assumed that the Vendor will provide delivery to Jumia’s named Delivery Address.
  • Requirements for Apparel/Garments and CHEP Pallets: Due to the implementation of legislation requiring the mandatory care labelling and fiber content labelling of garments & textile products, it is required that garment Vendors comply with the following three SABS “Codes of Practice”:

1.  The label for apparel is mandatory and needs to state the following in English

(a)  Country of origin, e.g. "Made in South Africa", "Made in China", "Made in India", etc.

(b)  % Fiber Content, in accordance with South African National Standards document.

(c)   Care labelling, in accordance with South African National Standards document.

  1. The requirements and specifications of the labelling is as follows:

(a) Labelling

  • Must be clearly visible and no part of the information can be obscured
  • Trade name or trademark may precede or follow indication of fiber content
  • Ensuring fabric or article is appropriately labelled and the information is easily accessible to Jumia when product is sold or displayed

(b) Size of labels

  • Either woven or printed on satin
  • Size to be 20mm x 90mm (total including fold)
  • Must be of suitable size and material so that the information is clearly legible.
  • Must withstand the appropriate cleaning treatment throughout the useful life of the product
  • Where it is in direct contact with the wearer’s body it must not cause irritation to the skin (e.g. scratching)
    1. Application of labels or marking
  • Must be marked or labelled on one or more of the following ways:
    • On a label securely attached to the article (i.e. sew-in label)
    • On packaging or label attached to packaging
    • By swing-tag or sticker
      1.  Naming
  • Fabric type and names must be:
    • The generic name
    • Or the generic name and the trade name
    • Must be in one or more of the official languages in South Africa
      1. Percentage sign

Must be:

  • By the % symbol
  • Or by the word percent
  • The percentage must be indicated unless otherwise stated


Products containing two or more fibers:

  • Where both products are different fibers and are sold together as a complete unit (i.e. two piece suit or skirt with a bodice)
  • Indicate the fiber content of each unit or component
  • Where both products are the same fiber content and are sold as a complete unit (i.e. skirt and top) only one label or indication of fiber content is required.
  • Individual Sales Packaging and Article Numbers
    • The Vendor shall deliver all individual articles in individual packaging (e.g. shoe boxes, polybags).
    • The individual packaging must be unrestrictedly suitable for onward sale to end consumers. In particular, this means that it must be undamaged and clean both outside and inside (e.g. tissue paper).
    • The Vendor shall label the individual article by a clear article number in each case. A clear article number only exists if the number refers to the individual article as homogeneously-sorted.
    • The colour code must be integrated into the article number. If the Vendor does not use different article numbers for different colours of an article, the Vendor must state the colour in an additional way (other than stating the specific colour).
    • The article number must be identical with the article number stated in the Confirmation of Sale from Jumia. Otherwise, delays in the acceptance of merchandise will result. If a comparison of the article numbers is also not possible individually (instead of technically), this can lead to the merchandise being deposited in storage for blocked stock and to considerable delays in the entire logistics procedure. In addition, interim storage in storage for blocked stock incurs costs; Jumia reserves the right to invoice the Vendor for these costs.
  • Delivery Note: The Vendor will enclose a delivery note with each delivery. A delivery note template is available on SellerCenter.
  • Fragile Merchandise: The Vendor will pack fragile merchandise particularly carefully.
  • Partial Performance: The Vendor is not entitled to partial performance. Notwithstanding this, Jumia reserves the right to accept partial performance.



  • The Vendor shall accept Jumia’s Return Policy provided on the Platform. The Vendor agrees to renounce its own return policy in respect of orders on Jumia.
  • Jumia will accept returns from the Customer, at no cost to the Customer, provided that the following conditions are satisfied:
  • The return request must be made by the Customer by contacting Jumia’s customer service within no later than Fourteen (14) days from Delivery Date
  • The Products are returned in the original packaging;
  • The Product shows no sign of usage.
  • The returned Product is not one of the non-returnable Products or brands stated on the Platform.
  • Jumia will collect returns at no cost to the Vendor if:
    • The return request must be made by the Customer within no later than six (6) months from the delivery date and must be in line with provisions of Consumer laws relating to the return of defective goods;
    • The product must be defective, appear to be defective to Jumia or must not comply with the Customer’s right to receive safe and good quality goods in terms of the Consumer Protection Act;
    • Jumia will proceed with the return process, only if Jumia’s after sales support team failed to fix the problem;
    • A quality control is undertaken in the Warehouse in order to determine who is responsible for the return of the product.
  • Jumia will accept returns of Products that reasonably appear to be defective and will not be obliged to investigate the defect after 14 (fourteen) days; and
  • Defective Products will be returned to the Vendor at the Vendor’s expense.
  • If the quality control shows that the Customer is responsible for the defect, the product shall be sent back to the Customer and there will be no reimbursement.
  • If the Vendor or manufacturer is responsible for the defect, the Product shall be sent back to the Vendor.
  • In case of disagreement over the quality control, the Vendor must provide Jumia with proof that the Product was not defective and had the quality necessary to be sold when it was delivered to Jumia.
  • If at the end of the return process, Jumia considers that the final Customer must be reimbursed, Jumia shall reimburse the Customer and process the return on the SellerCenter, which will reduce the amount due to the Vendor for the particular Account Statement period.
  • If the conditions contained are satisfied, Jumia will collect and send the returned Product to the Vendor within (14) days, at no additional cost. The Vendor will accept the return.
  • The term “return” in terms of this Agreement, includes cancellations prior to delivery to Customer.



  • Jumia’s commission:
    1. Jumia’s commission for services rendered shall be a calculated as a percentage of the Display Price of the Product, excluding VAT. This commission structure can be viewed on Seller Center.
    2. The commission percentage shall exclude VAT and VAT shall therefore be added to the commission amount on Jumia’s Invoices.
  • Other Fees: All other fees including, but not limited to, delivery and storage fees can be viewed on Seller Center.
  • Jumia’s invoicing and payment to the Vendor:
  1. Jumia shall provide the Vendor, by the 15th of every month, with:
    1. a statement of all the Vendor’s Products sold in the preceding month, less any Products returned in that period, known as an Account Statement. The Account Statement shall include inter alia the details of the Products sold, the quantity sold, the amount the Products were sold for and the amount of VAT charged; and
    2. a Tax Invoice for Jumia’s commission earned during the preceding month;
  2. The Vendor shall be entitled to the total amount recorded in the Account Statement at Display Price.
  3. Jumia shall settle the balance between the total amount due to the Vendor as per the Account Statement and Jumia’s Tax Invoice for commission and any other costs as agreed, within 1 month from month-end of the period described in the Account Statement.
  4. The Vendor shall furnish Jumia with an original letterhead, with the correct bank account details and signed by an authorized signatory, which details shall act as the agreed bank account into and from which payments shall be made.
  5. Jumia shall pay all amounts owing in terms into a bank account nominated by the Vendor, by electronic funds transfer.
  6. It is specifically recorded that it is the Vendor’s responsibility to declare VAT on Product sales reflected in the Account Statement. For the avoidance of doubt, the parties specifically agree that Section 54(2) of the VAT Act No. 89 of 1991 is applicable. The sale of Products to Customers is deemed to be made by the Vendor and not Jumia. The Vendor may use the Product sale information in the Account Statement for the purposes of declaring output VAT.
  7. In the event that the Customer requests an invoice for a Product sale, Jumia will issue an invoice on behalf of the Vendor in terms of section 54(2) as stated above.
  8. Payment method may be subject to change as described in this Guideline.
  9. Each party shall be responsible for the settlement of its respective tax obligations which arises from any transaction in relation to this contract.



Jumia places high importance on maintaining the trust of it’s Customers. We have established penalties for Vendors, so that customers can shop with a sense of safety and security about their third-party marketplace transactions.

All Vendors should be working toward achieving and maintaining a high level of customer service. To achieve this, Jumia enforces penalties to prevent:

  • sale of counterfeit products and non-conformity to the Prohibited and Restricted Products Policy;
  • slow fulfilment of Orders;
  • cancellation of Orders and out of stock Products;
  • non-compliance with Packaging Guidelines;
  • high rate of Returns of products according to Jumia’s discretion and;
  • breach/infringement of any applicable law and regulations.

Below is a list of penalties which may be enforced at Jumia’s discretion. It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list and further penalties may be added:

  • Out of Stock: x2 commission due to Jumia capped to ZAR 75 per Product with a minimum of ZAR 15. However, not applicable to new vendors during first month of selling.

It is Jumia’s discretion to institute penalties. Penalties that you have incurred will reflect in your Account Statement available on SellerCenter. Once instituted, penalties are non-negotiable.



  • Jumia Express (Fulfilled by Jumia) is our premium fulfilment service that will grow your sales. Jumia will store, pack and ship your items directly to your Customers at an additional fee of of R1 per item per month after 3 months. Products fulfilled by Jumia will be delivered to Customers faster, resulting in better customer satisfaction. Additionally, Jumia Express items will be featured on the Jumia website with the Jumia Express badge, adding more visibility. Requests for the Jumia Express service will be reviewed based on available warehouse space.   If your request is approved, you may submit a fulfilment by Jumia inbound request, but following the below steps: 
    • Create your products in Seller Center.
    • Place a “Fulfillment Request” in Seller Center.
    • Each request will be reviewed individually by the Jumia team and may be amended.
    • Drop off your stock at Jumia warehouse or have Jumia to pick it up for you
    • Now you can relax, change your prices, join promotions, we take care of the rest.


  • Jumia Studio: As an incentive for all new vendors, Jumia offers a free photo-shoot for the first 30 SKUs to be listed to ensure a seamless on-boarding process. Images are taken and uploaded on behalf of the Vendor in line with the Jumia standards.